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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why only read the cover?

Image result for the world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page

"Why only read the cover? Why don't you open first, try to see and read slowly. Don't judge the book by its cover."
~ Questionnaire ~

I like travel all over the world. I like to visit and see a lot of historical place, romance place, peaceful place. so far, only Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia become the destination of my movement. I have a dream to visit the Alaska, Atlantic and many more. 

Aurora at Tromso ,Northern Norway
Aurora is one of my list to visit later. Aurora not only because the phenomena but its something that you don't know how to tell people. Only you the one who know how to feel it and understand it. Some people might think, to see aurora just waste money, waste time. why don't you just open your laptop, and search for Aurora view,then you can see it. 

Picture and experience is 2  different things. Picture is a image that have its own story. no movement but leave some question mark in your mind. Experience is some phenomena and movement that you feel, see it. 

So, my opinion about going to see the aurora might cost some money. Yea that's true. But Experience and desire to go and feel it by yourself. You wanna try it. Maybe I'm still cannot go now but, I have a hope and dream. One day, I will go to meet Aurora together with my "Future husband". Let's me feel it and experience it. 

One more thing, is good to travelling out side from our current place. Not because our place don't have a tourism attraction but just to grab the opportunity.

"So, don't judge the book by its cover. But open first to see if its come with the interesting scene that make you wanna try and experience by yourself. "

~ Last word. Traveling it leave you speechless then turn you into a story teller ~