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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My next level of traveling in metropolitan city

      My next level of traveling in metropolitan city is my next title in my blog.
      Hye there, its been a long time didn't wrote something inside here. Sorry if my grammar is up-side-sown, but I try ma' best yo. ^_^V.. Like peoples always say : " practices makes perfect ".

     One word i just learnt and try to practice in ma' life. Quoted word from Dr.Ben Carson, the neurosurgery doctor. "“Once you begin to understand and realize what you are capable of, the whole world changes,” 

To stay a 'life' in this metropolitan city, the ingredient you need to put into the recipe is positive thinking, tough person, brave to seek some challenge and have faith in God. This all the ingredient you need to survive. 
            Honestly, I'm not the kind of that person ( see the above ). I'm week , I'm been controller by my negative brain who ask to just give up. But when i see a lot of motivator, they also faces the same thing as what i'm face off the reality life. If they can be a success person, why should I give-up now. God prepare the best plan for me. Why should I give up??? I'm asking myself.
            Then I realize, I need my GOD to release a storm inside of me. I ask GOD, what is the plan? What should I do? Why I feel down? I feel loser? All kind of question in my little tiny brain. Its make my brain full until I can't even thinking the best option in my life. People say, too much stress can affected your personal life example like talking, thinking, breathing, attitude and also for your career.
            So, what should I do? I need to relax. Take a walk for any kind of environment. Pray to God. And try to listen what GOD want you to do. The most important, you don't ever give-up. Keep positive. Even people look down on you because your stupid. Remember , Every people have their own capability. Every people have their own brain. Every people live in different environment. Your have your own life. Try to stay with positive environment. Exercise. 

         That is the best point every I get to motivated myself. Stay strong,stay fit, stay cool and stay positive. I try my best to follow all the ingredient. Because  I confidently to say I will success.

~Ps : God is Good all the time. "KJV Verse :: Isaiah 55 : 8 - For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."Yesaya 55:8 - BM Verse :: Tuhan berfirman, " Fikiran-Ku bukan seperti fikiran kamu, dan jalan-Ku bukan seperti jalan kamu." Indonesia Verse :: "Rancangan-Ku bukanlah rancanganmu, dan jalanmu bukanlah jalan-Ku."