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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why only read the cover?

Image result for the world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page

"Why only read the cover? Why don't you open first, try to see and read slowly. Don't judge the book by its cover."
~ Questionnaire ~

I like travel all over the world. I like to visit and see a lot of historical place, romance place, peaceful place. so far, only Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia become the destination of my movement. I have a dream to visit the Alaska, Atlantic and many more. 

Aurora at Tromso ,Northern Norway
Aurora is one of my list to visit later. Aurora not only because the phenomena but its something that you don't know how to tell people. Only you the one who know how to feel it and understand it. Some people might think, to see aurora just waste money, waste time. why don't you just open your laptop, and search for Aurora view,then you can see it. 

Picture and experience is 2  different things. Picture is a image that have its own story. no movement but leave some question mark in your mind. Experience is some phenomena and movement that you feel, see it. 

So, my opinion about going to see the aurora might cost some money. Yea that's true. But Experience and desire to go and feel it by yourself. You wanna try it. Maybe I'm still cannot go now but, I have a hope and dream. One day, I will go to meet Aurora together with my "Future husband". Let's me feel it and experience it. 

One more thing, is good to travelling out side from our current place. Not because our place don't have a tourism attraction but just to grab the opportunity.

"So, don't judge the book by its cover. But open first to see if its come with the interesting scene that make you wanna try and experience by yourself. "

~ Last word. Traveling it leave you speechless then turn you into a story teller ~

Monday, August 22, 2016

"Never Let you Fear destroy your Dream "

Aloha Ahiahi Viewer, Pehea 'oe ? 
(Hawaiian : Good Afternoon, How are you? )

Thank you for view my blog. 

Here my Headline today

If we are the climber, we will try to climb the tree or the mount until the end. 
Even though the tree or the mount is so high, we still need to finish it. Some people will keep in their mind "I Can Do it." But some people will keep in their mind "O gosh, I cannot do this. I'm tired. Why this mount so high? "

Which kind of thinking will be in your mind? 

As my own experience, I'm the climber. The first mountain that I climb is Mount Kinabalu in 2009. I never exercise, I only do walking distance about 2 - 5km every day. I thought climb the Kinabalu is easy like climb tree or hiking hill. Unfortunately, is not easier than what in my mind. You need be a tough, have passion to finish it and most important, exercise to train your leg. I take about 4 - 5 hours to arrive at Laban Rata (the place to rest before continuing climb in the early morning). Thank God, I manage to arrive at Laban Rata even its so tired and cold.

Lucky I have my inspiration. That is my friend, Judy. She actually cannot climb because of her asthma. Even though, like that, she still keeps climbing until at Laban Rata. 

Early morning around 2.00 am, we all wake up and ready to continue the mission. Maybe this is my mistake, wear a thick sweater. After having the breakfast, we have briefing from our guide. He advises us to just keep moving and don't keep waiting the other. Otherwise, everyone will late to arrive at the top of the mountain.

From the starting point, I become not stable then vomit. My friend, Herry helps me carry my sweater and want to walk with me. But the guide didn't allow him to help me. So He just helps carry my Sweater and keep move. I slowly climb until the last checkpoint. The guide psycho me and I give-up to continue. He leaves me behind and continue to chase my group. While I'm waiting they come back, I keep thinking and feel disappointed to not trying. I feel like I want to chase them by myself. But its so dark and the stone is wet with the morning dew, I refuse to walk alone.

4 Of the member manage to arrive at the Top of Kinabalu mount

Until today, I still regret for my own decision. So, I will try again next year to climb until the top of the mountain. 
Mark my word, "Never let my fear destroy my dream to hold the top of the Kinabalu mountain". Even the Earthquake lost the "Donkey ear" , I still need to complete my mission.



Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My next level of traveling in metropolitan city

      My next level of traveling in metropolitan city is my next title in my blog.
      Hye there, its been a long time didn't wrote something inside here. Sorry if my grammar is up-side-sown, but I try ma' best yo. ^_^V.. Like peoples always say : " practices makes perfect ".

     One word i just learnt and try to practice in ma' life. Quoted word from Dr.Ben Carson, the neurosurgery doctor. "“Once you begin to understand and realize what you are capable of, the whole world changes,” 

To stay a 'life' in this metropolitan city, the ingredient you need to put into the recipe is positive thinking, tough person, brave to seek some challenge and have faith in God. This all the ingredient you need to survive. 
            Honestly, I'm not the kind of that person ( see the above ). I'm week , I'm been controller by my negative brain who ask to just give up. But when i see a lot of motivator, they also faces the same thing as what i'm face off the reality life. If they can be a success person, why should I give-up now. God prepare the best plan for me. Why should I give up??? I'm asking myself.
            Then I realize, I need my GOD to release a storm inside of me. I ask GOD, what is the plan? What should I do? Why I feel down? I feel loser? All kind of question in my little tiny brain. Its make my brain full until I can't even thinking the best option in my life. People say, too much stress can affected your personal life example like talking, thinking, breathing, attitude and also for your career.
            So, what should I do? I need to relax. Take a walk for any kind of environment. Pray to God. And try to listen what GOD want you to do. The most important, you don't ever give-up. Keep positive. Even people look down on you because your stupid. Remember , Every people have their own capability. Every people have their own brain. Every people live in different environment. Your have your own life. Try to stay with positive environment. Exercise. 

         That is the best point every I get to motivated myself. Stay strong,stay fit, stay cool and stay positive. I try my best to follow all the ingredient. Because  I confidently to say I will success.

~Ps : God is Good all the time. "KJV Verse :: Isaiah 55 : 8 - For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."Yesaya 55:8 - BM Verse :: Tuhan berfirman, " Fikiran-Ku bukan seperti fikiran kamu, dan jalan-Ku bukan seperti jalan kamu." Indonesia Verse :: "Rancangan-Ku bukanlah rancanganmu, dan jalanmu bukanlah jalan-Ku."