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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Mother


Mary Cassatt Mother and Child - 1890 

               See this picture really make me miss my mom. From this picture I can see my mom, the little girl is my sister and the baby is me. I miss this moment of my life.

To all viewer, the mothers day is coming. I'm sure that everyone of you already prepare a lots of thing to make your mother happy and you can't wait to celebrate it together with the loved one.
But I'm sure, some of the child out there don't have mother because of the problem that they faces since they born until there grow up. 

I have story wanna share with your guys. Here the sound like,

Mother is the person who most understand their baby. They know all about their kids.
No matter what people say about their kiddos, think about their kiddos. They still understand the kiddos.

Why I say like that?

Since in the womb, the mother can feel the chemistry between the baby and herself.
The heart beat joining together, The food share together, The feeling join together. From the womb, mother always protect their baby. They keep eating health food, keep exercise, keep talking to the baby. That's way all the mother have their feel about the kiddos.

One friend I've know her very well. Her son really hyperactive until people call him "naughty boy" , "bad boy". The reason why people keep calling this title to her son because he really cannot understand what people don't like. He want to play but he so rude to other people. No matter the person is same size with him or older than him. If he don't like the person, he will fight back. 
Every mother will sad and disappointed. Why people always do their baby like that.  Why they didn't try to understand of him? Deep inside mother heart, its so broken. She know her son is a good boy. 

This is the real feeling of mother. Not only my friend, but also with all the mother. Every mother want to give the best for their baby. No matter what people say, they still need to protect their baby.

My Hensem Father and My Lovely Mother

My lovely mother is the best mother. Even though she so hard and rough teach and care us, we still learnt a lot from her. 
She teach us how to be so tough girl in this family, teach us how to treat people in the correct way. you know us better than anyone. Because you with us since we a baby until we grow up. No matter what method you use to teach us, some of it make us someone until today.

"Thanks mama, without you, we will never understand what other mother feel when people keep talk bad about their child. Sisy also become mother already and will come soon for the second baby in our family. Only me not yet married but still understand mother heart voice "


~ Everlasting Love ~