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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candide travellers

       Candid traveller or more easy to understand a photograph activity is a usual activities nowadays..a lot of youths make a photograph as a part of their activities.
        Either in hotels corridor, while in traveling, or any place they stop by. Even in the house also, they become a candid for themself camera. The technology upgraded become more interested for camera favors. The camera can directly send pictures to instagram or any social  websites.
         Now I'm in the park of KLCC watching people's taking pictures either with friends, family or their couples. So beautifull sensation that I've here..For me, its doesn't matter what types cameras the person use, either old school or new school,everyone have their own styles.
        My style is I just use my eyes to capture people's faces. I capture and save in my memory. So I can remembers them even they didn't remember me.
         Candid traveller can be born any place. So dont afraid to take pictures because every picture that you guys take have their own story..

"Feel the environment since kiddo, when you grow-up, you got a story to telling your grandchild"

"The eye's not only function to see but can use to catch a story of life "