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Saturday, January 19, 2013

about the story of my jurnal on my travel...

      I like to travel, visit and learn bout other country culture. What ever is, travel is a awesome journey... Make a migration around the world, take a picture for every side of the natural environment, watch their culture and tradition.
      History, culture, food and beverage, shopping attraction, natural attraction and so on. A lot more things that can we do when we visiting other place like unsung place channel.
      In peninsular Malaysia, I've been visited a view places especially the location where got a beach. I never see a beautiful beach like that place and that's really awesome for me. First beach that I saw is Port Dickson when I follow church camp. But at there only a simple beach still can see a dirt like bottle, can and so on. second beach that really make me impress when i go to Cherating at pahang. Really make me lost my mind.   until my friend feel me unsecured that because they make they on block of them self, so i just make my on move. but having that location really make me lost all my stress bout my problem. amazing right. awesome...
      In peninsular also, I've got visit the forest of Pahang. really make me enjoyable..
what else, oh ya, don't forget the cave and the city of history like melaka and penang. Cave, honestly, this is my first time inside the cave. Maybe people say that me suppose have experience explore the cave especially at my own hometown got cave where we call at Gomantong cave. But I never get that experience until I came in KL and follow the trip of my college establish. Cave is the place where you can really appreciate you own life. Cos cave don't have life. no  light, smell stinky, no food. So that's why i say, cave really teaching me how to appreciate my life today. But in the cave also teach me how to keep struggle to fight any obstacles and barriers like how to get out from very small space to the very huge space. team work is a very important while you been inside the cave. why? because without teamwork, you and everyone who follow the trip will never get out easy.
      Enough for the cave, now the story about the history city. the most place that I want to elaborate here is Penang. A lot of history, a lot of attraction place and very special when every where we can find a food and beverage at there. Penang, is the place where become the UNISCO heritage for every story that happen there from the past year. Penang have they own story, where the communist and the british make some crowded matter at there. The most thing that i like in penang of course the "jeruk buah" or citrus fruit, the laksa, the air nyok ( coconut water), pasembur and nasi kandar. tumbs ups..

     This story only a view part, I've got a lot of story that i need to prepare for all of you who really like to know about Malaysia. This story point only the place that i already visit but i still got another place that actually already become a part of my real vacation story. Maybe this time i will elaborate in a long essay.

Ps :
      Travel not only to release stress or tension, but many kinds of things that we can do, see all you all along the river....:)