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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mana lagi paling sakit??? ( which more hurt )

The title of story : which more pain? ( Mana lagi paling sakit?)
Creator by Guzfeleo
Date : 11 December 2012

 Which more pain? The respond of the pain that every human being will face it. In my opinion, better pain in physical than heart. Why? because wound in physical can heal even also can become scar but still can heal by the surgery to removed the scar. But if wound inside your heart, its really difficult to heal it. It's will takes a few year or maybe couldn't be heal.

I've got story where i wanna share with all my blogger friend. Here the sounds like....

In 08 December 2012, Something bad happen. While I and my cousins watch movie, suddenly we heard something bad from my aunt house ( the next door ). When we go there, OMG .. I saw my young uncle try to stab my single aunt. Thank God, my other aunt stopped him. But it's not stop just like that, after that, he continue punch my single aunty. than my one more single aunty. When my marriage aunty wanna stop him, he continue slap my marriage aunty. 
feel like something grow-up inside me, feeling so strong, Me and my cousin guard him following by all my aunt. That time i really feel want to punch that person. He so mean to kill my first single aunt. We try so hard to hold up him until me and my cousin get wound because have been bitten by the monster. My cousin got at her calf and me at my wrist. one drunken boy really make me feel so exhausted, lost all of my breathing until i dunno what happen to me when i wake up in the morning. I'm not telling you guys how brave and strong I am. But just telling you something most important in life.

This is the scenario...
One brother didn't be grateful for what his sisters have done to him. Give everything ( the house, Meals, love when his sisters accept him even he already make a lot of trouble and the latest he just stolen his sister saving by break the room) how lucky of this boy but still not grateful. So egoism, low self-esteem not in right place. Jealousy.. This makes his sisters feel down and frustrated of him. his sisters really hurt not only in her head but also in her heart. She gives everything but the feed back  she get very disappointing.

So...What i want to say here is not to judging my uncle but i just want to show you guys how tough my all aunts to faces their only brother after their mother passed away. 
But how tough of that human, still can feel pain inside of them. They not a robot.

Ps : Be respected every people around you, give a love to them, and Forgive every people who make mistakes with you guys. If we do all this, feed back that we get will the same as what we give. even is not the person that you aspect but maybe different person will show to you all kindness that you have given to them.